A-Spendez has been inspired at a young age. He was 6 years old when he first interested in the sound of music. He played several instruments, from keyboard to drums. His love for music has never been changed, you can imagine it in his latest tunes. At a age of 13 he started producing his own tunes, he got contract at a label called “Dirty House Style”.

He saw his tune become a success, in the dance-chart top 100 he ended in the last 5! His parents saw his interest in making music and mixing it, so they decide to buy him a Dj-Set so he could practice mixing tunes. Lots of famous DJ’s know A-Spendez, of his hit songs like “Drop That MF beat and his MIMS remix”.

They all supported those tunes, that’s why the big boys know A-Spendez. From that moment his passion for making music and mixing music became bigger and bigger! You can see that how many likes he got on the sites like; YouTube, Soundcloud and FaceBook. After a while he became familiar with standing on stage in front of many people. He got gigs at locations like; Eclipse, Maassilo, Monza, Off Corso, Thalia Lounge, The Sand and Silverdome. We can expect a lot from this ‘energetic DJ’